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Make It Shine Vol.2

■Make It Shine Vol.2 /V.A. (Out of press)

Released by "Mandrake Root Corporation" in 1996.

No.30MR・CD・022 Price: ¥3.000 (Including Tax)

The Bands are:Rip Van Wincle / Guardian's Nail
/ Stone Edge /Concerto Moon / MOONSTRUCK.

Recorded tunes: " Heaven's Gate" /" Age Of Greed"
■MOONSTRUCK (Out of press)

Released by "Office MOONSTRUCK" in 1998.

No. MOST-1998 Price: ¥1.800 (Including Tax)

Recorded tunes: 1.The Last Justice / 2.EVE
/ 3.Don't Walk Away
/ 4.CrisisMessiah Has Died
Make It Shine Video Vol.3

■Make It Shine Video Vol.3 (sold out)

Released by "Mandrake Root Corporation" in 2000.

No: 30MR・H・S4
Color,65minutes (Stereo Hi-Fi) 
Price: ¥3.000(Including Tax)
The Bands are:Blind Man / Azrael / Emerald Aisles/ Aphasia
Recorded tune:"Resurrection ".

Fatal Blow


■Fatal Blow ...maxi single CD-R (Out of press)

Released by "Office MOONSTRUCK" in 2002.

No: MTSG-2002 Price: \800(Including Tax)
Recorded tunes: 1.Fatal Blow
/ 2.Who Must Stand In Jerusalem?
/ 3.Give Me Two Wings